Bob Rodgers


Age: 36
Height/Weight: 6', 160#
Occupation: Manufacturing Engineering Manager - Weatherchem Corp.
Disciplines: Mountain & Road, actually very little discipline, just madness
Experience: wore cut-off jeans to races before there was a Dave Walker
Class: Oh ya, I got that
- NORBA Category: Expert
- USA Cyling: Category 3, cause I begged
Words to live by: frickin' A bubba, I'm in

Race Results:
I got some
Won one once, never again...yet
---fast forward to 2007--- First place mens Solo Division at the WVa Wild 100 the fever...more to come

Racing Goals:
Ride so fast Steve Twinging gives up cycling and moves to North Central PA where he lives as a recluse but is still able to support his family by running the NE best moonshine into upstate NY (cause he thinks he can drive fast too), until his customers find out that I can actually get the product delivered faster, and we end up in a lucrative shine running business where he sits in a rocking chair watching the mash ferment. -Gonna miss you wearin' the colors Rubber Ducky, if you need it, you know where home is,

Put in the work, reep what I sow.

Personal & Professional Life:
I have been married for 10+ years to my college sweet heart, Maggie. I am truely blessed to have her and some very close friends and family. I believe in hard work, focus, and intensity to achieve goals. Life is but an aimless unlived journey if you don't have goals. I belive that if you haven't had to sacrifice something for the attainment of a goal, helping a friend, or helping a stranger, then live has yet to begun living for you...and magical things await you once you do!

I grew up in a small town, Brookfield, Ohio, on the border of Ohio and PA. I talk like a PA boy, most call it an accent, I call it talkin' right. My mother, from whom I inherited stick-to-it-tiv-ness, retired from Packard Electric in Warren. My father, from whom I inherited my social side, worked at Sharon Steel for 28 years and was forcefully retired after the plant closed. He now works in the school system as a bus driver and CC and Track Coach. Our family is all about cars and racing. We would go all over the country following the World of Outlaw Sprints. My dad still has his first car, my grandfather's 1951 Chevy. Its all hot rodded up. That's how I got the bug, and how I got started wrenching on cars. The Boy Scouts of America was a huge factor in my life, and I did attain the rank of Eagle Scout. I served as Assistant Scout Master for our local troop when I returned from college for a year prior to marrying Mag.

After graduating I went to Case Western University. Little did I know my parents could only afford a couple years tuition...but luckily my Freshmen year grades afforded me a 1/2 scholarship for the balance...I started with a 3.8 and graduated with at 3.4 in Mechanical Engineering. During that time I co-op'd at LTV Steel, and was even on the news and on the cover of the Plain Dealer for some work I did for them. I signed with now Delphi in 1996. Gave them 12 years until Aug 2007 when I took a position closer to home at Weatherchem Corp in Twinsburg.

Contributions to Community:
'Natural' gas
Occupy the attention of hoodlums in Old Brooklyn by buzzing hangouts in lycra
Relay for Life
Put on small yearly bike clinic for a local team of riders embarking on the MS100 Ride

Anything else:
I'm a wrench, bikes and cars.

I love doing Drivers Education events at regional road courses. Sold my WS6 Trans Am of 10 years for a 2002 Corvette with all the fixin' addition I also own a 2004 Vibe GT (lisence plate MTB RACER) with 137,000 miles and growing, and a 1964 Chevy Impala 283, powerglilde, 4 door hardtop.

~Play (make more noise, really) guitar, used to be better, but then again, who hasn't been better before.

I also hunt, and am applying for a CCW license.
The Schvitz

I've done: the 100th Boston Marathon, hiked the south rim of the Grand Canyon, traveled to Germany, Austria, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, China, Hungary, Acadia National Park, Yellowstone NP, Badlands NP, Brice Canyon, Zion Canyon, Moab, took a week driving vacation along the Ohio River in '96 Ram Air Trans Am, Adirondacks NP

...that should be enough to start a conversation