Finally I was given the ok by the Ortho to go back to whatever I was doing before the crash. I started my upper body weight program again today and I'm going to need a lot of time to bring the arm and shoulder back to where it was. I did 10 push ups yesterday and I couldn't go all the way down and the arm bothered me during the day. It's going to take time but I'm doing it right. As soon as the trails are dry I'm going to ride off road and see how it feels. I've been riding the road bike and using every hand position without much discomfort. I need to start increasing my mileage again since I've only been riding my 35 mile loop around Valley City, now I can start riding to work again which will give me 64-70 miles roud trip.
Hopefully no more accidents this summer. Come to think off, I've had some kind of accident or illness the last two summers. Last year it was the elbow doing ORAMM in NC. The year before it was anemia and walking pneumonia. 3 in a row, looking forward to an accident free summer.

Ray Chester

Age: 59

Height/weight 6' / 151lbs.

Occupation: Excavating contractor

Disciplines: road racing, mountian biking, ex-motocrosser

Experience: 30 years
2007 race results
13th out of 170 at Iceman
2nd sport 50 class at Big Valley Race
4th sport 50 class at Fox Creek OMBC Race
8th Kirkland Cyclocross
Finished with Expert field at Medina Twin Sizzler

Racing goals: win my class at Iceman

Ross Clark

Age: 32

Height/Weight: 5’-10” @ 162#

Occupation: Manufacturing Engineer @ Graco Children’s Products

Disciplines: Mountain & RoadExperience:

Class: - NORBA Category: Expert-

USA Cycling: Category: Race “A” when allowed, but license is only a Cat 5

Words to live by: “The sweet isn’t as sweet without the sour”Race Results:

2006 Endurance Racing – 1st place WV wild 100K, 5th Wilderness 101, 5th place LumberJack 100.
2006 XC – 4th place Expert Vultures Knob, 4th place Expert Fox Creek.
2006 Cyclocross – 6th place overall in “A” class cyclocross series (
2005 Cyclocross -- 4th place overall in “A” class cyclocross series (http://www.teamlakeeffect/).
2005 XC – 1st place Expert Vultures Knob, 1st place Expert Fall Fest (NY), 2nd place Expert West Brach, 3rd place Expert Lake Hope, Clearfork, and Snowtrails.
2005 Endurance Racing – 2nd place Mohican 100K

2003 I was the overall Sport class XC winner for both the West Virginia and Vermont NORBA races
2003 won (10) Sport Class races in the Ohio Mountain Bike XC Series
2004 won (3) “B” class cyclocross races and 3rd place overall Expert in the Ohio Mountain Bike XC Series ( )
2004 won the Ohio State NORBA Champion Expert race (
2005 place 4th overall in “A” class cyclocross series (http://www.teamlakeeffect/). Plus several podium finishes in XC mountain biking
2006 Co-Race Director for the Big Valley Race (
2002 – 2006 Active CAMBA (Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Authority) member, building trails.

Racing Goals:Go Fast and Have Fun

Personal & Professional Life:Married to my high school sweetie Tiffany. We reside in the Boro (Streetboro) with our two little girls, Emily (2.5 yrs) and Hannah (8 months).

Anything else:
I started bike riding like any other 4 year old kid…getting pushed down a grassy hill only to fall down and try again and again, until the moment everything worked. When I was in the 5 grade, freestyle biking was the only thing I was interested in, I read every issue of Freestyle magazine and BMX Plus and knew the price list for all components like the back of my hand. It took me ~ 8months to save enough money for my first freestyle bike, but it was worth it. Within a year all my friends were freestyling and we would travel to Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio for competition…Man those were the times, biking all day long, hitting the short ramp working on the newest trick you just read about in the magazine…Well a long time has passed since then, and I can say that I still love bikes. I started racing XC mountain bikes competitively in 2001. And, in 2003, I won the overall XC Sport title at Mt Snow and at Snowshoe NORBA events. For 2004 I made the jump to the expert class, and been very competitive, winning the NORBA Ohio State Championship and placing 3rd Expert overall in the Ohio Mountain Biking Challenge Series (OMBC). In the late fall of 2004 I started racing the local cyclocross series ( on my Jamis XC Dakota and competing very well with the guys on true cyclocross bikes. This year I upgraded to the Jamis Super Nova and raced the “A” class, nothing like slicing through the mud and eases jumping obstacles like an 18# racing machine. In 2006 with the announcement on the “National Endurance Series” AKA 100 mile XC race series, I decided to change my training focus from 2- hour XC races to the 8+ hour body aching marathons. I was able to place 5th at the LumberJack 100 (Michigan), 5th at the Wilderness 101 (PA), and win the Wild 100K in West Virginia. In the off season I enjoys downhill skiing, running, wine tasting, and brew making. From 9 to 5 you’ll find me building child safety seats at Graco Children's Products, working as a manufacturing engineer. And from 5 to 8PM you’ll find me and my wife chasing around our 2 year old daughter Emily and caring for my little, but plump 6 wk old daughter Hannah….Can’t wait till summer to pull both in the Burley.

Juan Pacheco


Age: 51
Height/Weight: 5'8" / 142
Occupation: International Accounts Customer Service
Disciplines: Mountain / Road / Multisport
Experience: 35 yrs on and off starting when I lived in Puerto Rico
Class:- NORBA Category:- USA Cyling: Category. None yet

Words to live by:
AMOS 5-15


Race Results:
2nd. overall. Hinkley Biathlon 2006
Some first some top five, Westlake series, 2006, B group.
Started racing again last year after a 12 year hiatus.
Top ten age group finishes in triatlhons in the early 80's
Won some, place in some age group MTB races in the mid to late 80"s.

Racing Goals:
Some day I would like to do the Furnace Creek 508 in Dead Valley, California.
Goal of 6,000 miles on the bike this year, to better my 5,000 of 4 years ago.
Hinkley Biathlon
Mohican 100k mtb.
Do better, time wise (7:46 32nd place) than last years top 40 at the 160 mile Rain Ride in Indiana.
Mentor and Portage Lakes triathlons.

Personal & Professional Life:
Married for 27 years to my beautiful wife, Nancy.
24 year old son. Ready to finish his masters in Physical Therapy.
(team, we have a trainer)
21 year old daughter, currently attending college.
Moved here in 1979 from PR. when my wife was hired by the Cleveland Public Schools as an English as a second language teacher. Worked at several places until I started working at Bird Technologies Group in Solon. Been there for 26 years. My family and I consider Ohio our home, but Puerto Rico is always in our hearts.
One of the best experiences of my life was riding cross country from Seattle to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota in 2003 with Paul Martins dad, Pastor Jim Martin and Ray Martinez. 1800 miles in 21 days, logging 7 or 8 100 plus days during the 3 weeks. What a beautiful country we have.

Contributions to Community:
MS bike ride with my company team. We have raised over $10,000 in the last 3 years.
"E" licensed coach for Travel soccer
FIFA soccer referee
High School soccer referee
Certified Spinning instructor at the Strongsville Rec Ctr.

Anything else:
With all the 30 somethings in the team, I must be the team Senior Citizen.
I think they needed somebody for better hotel discounts.
Glad to be part of the team.

Mike Colonna


Age: 43
Height/Weight: 6'/170
Occupation: HVAC Manufactures Rep
Disciplines: Mountain

Experience: 15 years
- NORBA Category: Expert

Words to live by:

Love your family, work hard & make life fun.

Race Results (Highlights):

Mohican 100K: 24th
Wild 100: 7th
Reagan Park TT: 8th
Mohican 100K: 13th
Reagan Park TT: 7th
Mohican 100K: 6th
Reagan Park TT: 5th
Wild 100+: 7th
Wild 100 Duo: 6th
Wild 100 Duo: 4th
Vultures Knob Series: 7th Overall
Vultures Knob Series: 2nd Overall
Vultures Knob Series: 6th Overall

Racing Goals:

Work on getting as fast as I was.

Personal & Professional Life:

Married for 22 years to my lovely wife Jennifer. We have 2 children, Hannah (22) and Nigel (16), they're the best.

Contributions to Community:

IMBA Member since 1999
CAMBA Member since 2003
Participate in trail building as often as possible.

Anything else:

Remember...momentum is your friend.

Dustin Clouse


Age: 27
Height/Weight: 6'-0", 185 lbs
Occupation: Engineer
Disciplines: Mountain
Experience: 3 years Race
- NORBA Category: Sport
- USA Cyling Category: 4
Words to live by:

Race Results:
12Hrs. of Santos (6Hr. Solo) - 33rd out of 75
OMBC Vultures Knob - 5th
OMBC S&S Trails - 2nd
OMBC Alum Creek - 4th
OMBC Dillon sp - 8th
OMBC West Branch sp - 1st
OMBC Fox Creek - 2nd
OMBC Mohican Wilderness - 3rd
Medina Twin Sizzler (Road Race) - Field
Mid-Ohio (Road Race) - Field
OMBC#1 Mohican - 10th
OMBC#2 Mt. Wood - 9th
OMBC#3 East Fork - 5th
OMBC#4 Vultures Knob - 7th
OMBC#5 S&S Trails - 8th
OMBC#6 Findley sp - 3rd
OMBC#7 Alum Creek - 7th
OMBC#8 Lake Hope - 9th
OMBC#9 Ceasar Creek - 5th
OMBC#10 Dillon sp - 4th
OMBC#11 West Branch - 5th
OMBC#12 Fox Creek - 4th
Mohican 100k - 36th out of 72
Twin Sizzler (Road Race) - Field
Lake Effect#1 Kirtland (C-Cross) - 18th
2006 - 2nd Overal OMBC Race Series (10 out of 11 races)
2005 - 10th Overall OMBC Race Series (5 out of 12 races)

Racing Goals:
Try to actually have races with no mechanicals, Something seems to happen every race.

Personal & Professional Life:

Contributions to Community:
One of the main leaders in Building and maintaining the Reagan Park trail system.
Help with putting on Races at the Knob and Reagan Time Trial.

Anything else:

About The Team

The team was founded in 2006 although the many of the members have been riding and racing together for years. The team had many highlights in 2005/2006 including Kevin Daum getting the Golden Buckle at Leadville 100, Ross Clark scoring a podium 5th place finish at Wilderness 101, Bob Rodgers recording a top 20 finish at Lumberjack 100, Steve Twining with numerous podiums in the OMBC XC Series, Tiffany Clark having two babies and still competing in the local cyclocross series, Jeff Augustine with numerous outstanding age group and overall finishes in local and regional triathalons. The team is expecting big things in 2007 with some new sponsors and new team members.

For 2007 the team will have 10 members (2 more potentially to be added) and will compete in a variety of cycling races including:
(i) Regional/national ultra endurance off-road events such as 100 milers and 12/24 hour races;
(ii) Local/regional traditional XC events such as OMBC XC series;
(iii) Local/regional road races; and
(iv) Local/regional/national cyclocross events.

On addition to our race schedule, many of us are involved in various charities and non-profit groups. We also help out with CAMBA and local trail building.