Finally I was given the ok by the Ortho to go back to whatever I was doing before the crash. I started my upper body weight program again today and I'm going to need a lot of time to bring the arm and shoulder back to where it was. I did 10 push ups yesterday and I couldn't go all the way down and the arm bothered me during the day. It's going to take time but I'm doing it right. As soon as the trails are dry I'm going to ride off road and see how it feels. I've been riding the road bike and using every hand position without much discomfort. I need to start increasing my mileage again since I've only been riding my 35 mile loop around Valley City, now I can start riding to work again which will give me 64-70 miles roud trip.
Hopefully no more accidents this summer. Come to think off, I've had some kind of accident or illness the last two summers. Last year it was the elbow doing ORAMM in NC. The year before it was anemia and walking pneumonia. 3 in a row, looking forward to an accident free summer.