Dustin Clouse


Age: 27
Height/Weight: 6'-0", 185 lbs
Occupation: Engineer
Disciplines: Mountain
Experience: 3 years Race
- NORBA Category: Sport
- USA Cyling Category: 4
Words to live by:

Race Results:
12Hrs. of Santos (6Hr. Solo) - 33rd out of 75
OMBC Vultures Knob - 5th
OMBC S&S Trails - 2nd
OMBC Alum Creek - 4th
OMBC Dillon sp - 8th
OMBC West Branch sp - 1st
OMBC Fox Creek - 2nd
OMBC Mohican Wilderness - 3rd
Medina Twin Sizzler (Road Race) - Field
Mid-Ohio (Road Race) - Field
OMBC#1 Mohican - 10th
OMBC#2 Mt. Wood - 9th
OMBC#3 East Fork - 5th
OMBC#4 Vultures Knob - 7th
OMBC#5 S&S Trails - 8th
OMBC#6 Findley sp - 3rd
OMBC#7 Alum Creek - 7th
OMBC#8 Lake Hope - 9th
OMBC#9 Ceasar Creek - 5th
OMBC#10 Dillon sp - 4th
OMBC#11 West Branch - 5th
OMBC#12 Fox Creek - 4th
Mohican 100k - 36th out of 72
Twin Sizzler (Road Race) - Field
Lake Effect#1 Kirtland (C-Cross) - 18th
2006 - 2nd Overal OMBC Race Series (10 out of 11 races)
2005 - 10th Overall OMBC Race Series (5 out of 12 races)

Racing Goals:
Try to actually have races with no mechanicals, Something seems to happen every race.

Personal & Professional Life:

Contributions to Community:
One of the main leaders in Building and maintaining the Reagan Park trail system.
Help with putting on Races at the Knob and Reagan Time Trial.

Anything else: