About The Team

The team was founded in 2006 although the many of the members have been riding and racing together for years. The team had many highlights in 2005/2006 including Kevin Daum getting the Golden Buckle at Leadville 100, Ross Clark scoring a podium 5th place finish at Wilderness 101, Bob Rodgers recording a top 20 finish at Lumberjack 100, Steve Twining with numerous podiums in the OMBC XC Series, Tiffany Clark having two babies and still competing in the local cyclocross series, Jeff Augustine with numerous outstanding age group and overall finishes in local and regional triathalons. The team is expecting big things in 2007 with some new sponsors and new team members.

For 2007 the team will have 10 members (2 more potentially to be added) and will compete in a variety of cycling races including:
(i) Regional/national ultra endurance off-road events such as 100 milers and 12/24 hour races;
(ii) Local/regional traditional XC events such as OMBC XC series;
(iii) Local/regional road races; and
(iv) Local/regional/national cyclocross events.

On addition to our race schedule, many of us are involved in various charities and non-profit groups. We also help out with CAMBA and local trail building.