Kevin Daum


Age 34
Height/Weight: 6'4" / 185ish
Occupation: Finance
Disciplines: Mountain & Road
Experience: 8 years racing
- NORBA Category: Expert
- USA Cyling: Category III
Words to live by:
"The battle is won before it is fought"

Race Results:

2007 - 4th Place - Reagan Park Off-Road Time Trial
2007 - Leadville 100 - 8hrs:50min - 93rd place out of 840
2007 - 5th Place - Medina Twin Sizzler (road race)
2007 - Lumberjack 100 - 18th Place - (240 racers) 8:hrs 7min
2007 - Cohutta 100 - 27th Place - 8hrs:3min
2007 - 3rd Place - Mid Ohio Tour (road race)
2007 - 10th Place - 6 Hours of Razorback, FL
2006 - Did not Race
2005 - Leadville 100 - 8hrs:48min - 58th place out of 750
2005 - 2nd place - 12 Hour of Vultures Knob-Solo Division
2004 - Leadville 100 - 9hrs:45min - 110th place out of 750
2004 - 1st place - 12 Hours of Vultures Knob-Solo Division
2004 - 2nd place - Chippewa Creek Road Race
2003 - 3rd place 24 hours of Seven Springs
2002 - 3rd place 24 hrs of Vultures Knob
2002 - 5th place - Twin Sizzler Road Race
2001 - 1st place Series U-30 at Vultures Knob
2001 - 1st place 24 hrs of Vultures Knob
2000 - 4th place 24 hrs of Vultures Knob
1999 - 3rd place 12 hr Kenda Nite Glo
1998 - 1st place 12 hr Kenda Nite Glo

Racing Goals:

1.Adirondack other words...Qualify for RAAM (Race Across America)

Personal & Professional Life:

Married to Connie and proud father to Landon age 2. Titan is our family trail companion and frisbee jumping guru. Graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Finance, Urban Planning and Design with a concentration in Real Estate. While a business student at KSU I assisted in the chartering of a new student credit union. I left Ohio in 1999 to work in Washington DC for a real estate internet startup. While there the company went through an IPO and grew from 30 employees to over 300; it was exciting and busy times and cycling took a back seat to insane working hours. Moved back to Ohio 2 years later and eventually went back to work for FirstEnergy Credit Union. My brother introduced me to my future wife at this time who was the Athletic Trainer for the high school soccer team my brother was captain for. I played soccer growing up but mainly spent my time on a bike or skateboard. I have climbed 3 - 14’ers (14,000ft mountains in Colorado) with a lifetime goal of climbing all 53 of them along with completing the Appalachian Trail. One of my most rewarding experiences was coaching traveling soccer where I inherited a 0-12 team and we went 11-1 my first year coaching. A huge inspiration in my life is my relationship with my little brother from Big Brothers and Little Sisters; after 10 years we continue to have a super strong bond and he is 100% part of my family.

Contributions to Community:
- Big Brothers and Sisters of Portage County (1995-present)
- Member of CAMBA (Cleveland Area Mountain Bike Association) an IMBA affiliated mountain bike advocacy and trail building group.
- Founder of the orginal trail system at Reagan Park in Medina
- Race Director for the Big Valley Mountain Bike Race at Camp Manatoc (2001-present)
- E-licensed head coach for Traveling Soccer Club
- F.I.F.A. Certified Referee
- Certified Spinning Instructor

Anything else:
one word... PO-TEN-TIAL adj.
1. Capable of being but not yet in existence; latent;
2. Having possibility, capability, or power.