Tiffany Clark

Age: 32
Height/Weight: 5'6"/are you kidding me!
Occupation: Nurse Practitioner
Disciplines: Mountain & Road

Experience: Racing since 2004- with a little time off here and there to have our 2 daughters: Emily 3 and Hannah 1 - oh yes, and to nurse a fractured wrist after a crash at Holiday Valley 6 HOP.

Class: - NORBA Category: Sport - USA Cyling: Category Cat 4/5

Words to live by: "There are no shortcuts to the top"- Ed Viesturs

Race Results:
2005 Women’s Sport Bean’s Bike Park 1st Place Series Sport
2005 OMBC 4th Place Women’s Sport
2005 Holiday Valley Fall Fest Women’s Sport 1st Place

2007 Race results
Chippewa Creek Road race- 1st place Cat 5
Raccoon Rally 6/30/07- 2nd place Women’s MTB
Twin Sizzler 7/4/07- 3rd place citizen
6 Hours of Power--- injury, broken wrist.
Racing Goals: Enjoy racing and no broken bones this year!
Hoping to improve on my road riding skills
Win the co-ed Holiday Valley 6 HOP- I hope my partner Bob will take me back!
Gain skills in my mountain biking and be a solid Sport rider!
Personal & Professional Life:

I work at The Cleveland Clinic as a Nurse Practitioner in our Center for Vaculitis Care and Research Center, working with rare diseases most of us will never even hear of. I love working with a dynamic patient population and take great pride in helping them through very difficult times. The little loves of my life, Emily and Hannah, are the absolute joy in my life. I would never have imagined the day to day laughes and smiles they give to me. Althought it is sometimes (most of the time) a challenge to be a mom and continue racing, I spend a lot of time on my trainer watching Tour de France and OMBC reruns so I'm ready when time does give Mama a day to race! Otherwise, you will most likely see me on the course with my camera and two little cuties by my side cheering for our #1 racer- Daddy!
Contributions to Community:
We currently reside in Streetsboro, Ohio. We are active in our church, which is actually in Hudson! In our neighborhood, we try and provide a good example of “family fitness”- we encourage those around us to bike- which for us includes the little ones on bikes. You can usually find Emily riding her Specialized Bike around the neighborhood with Mom or Dad pulling Hannah in her Burley. Our biggest contribution is to help provide support to the Camp Manatoc Race, in every way we can. This has been a wonderful event that has helped the sport of Mountain Biking grow in the surrounding area.
Anything else:

Have fun riding and racing!